One day a wolf picked up a trail, it was faint, but it was fresh. So, he stalked a little closer expecting movement or warm vapoured breath...

Inspired From the Heart

From the first time Walt met Luna they were two peas in a pod.

Luna was a few days old, and Walt was now a teenager (in dog years), but the two connected like their souls had known one another for decades. As Luna began to walk, Walt was never far away, always encouraging her to reach higher.

It was in these beautiful moments that Frozen Bird was created.

The Creator

"I wanted to create a story that took an animal at its most vulnerable and have them protected by the most predatory"

We are too quick to judge and stereotype both people and animals, and my goal was to create a story that showed a different side to nature and empathy. - Sanja Čežek (Luna’s Mum)